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If you’re a start-up or in the very early days of beginning your business and aren’t quite ready to fork out for a comprehensive website, Amida Creative can build you a simple landing page with email sign-up integration so you can start building your email list, ready to contact when you launch!

Not sure what a landing page is? Here’s an example: – This one is simple but includes the basic features listed below.

You can also direct people to a landing page if you have a course sign-up, product launch or a lead-magnet offer.

Here’s the inclusions for our Landing Page Package:

Links to social addresses
Mail list integration (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign etc.)
Google analytics integration (if you have your own account)
Easy-to-use content management
Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible

5 Page Web Design
Number of payments 3
PaymentPlan as Follows:*Amount
1At checkout£295.00 GBP
2after 1 month£250.00 GBP
3after 2 months£250.00 GBP
Total £795.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.* If 'BUY NOW' payment is reduced to £750
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